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During the winter of 1958-1959, the Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association (WGHSEA) was formed with the purpose of preserving steam powered equipment and to educate the public about the history of farming.  Our association uses steam engines for plowing, harvesting, and sawing and we have early gas engines and tractors as well as a PRR steam locomotive engine.



Tony Thoman

1st Vice President

Jason Thoman

2nd Vice President

Jimmy Flohr

3rd Vice President

Dale Bentz


Tom Seibert


Ashley Dobak

Assistant Secretary

Brittany Scheib


Wendell Hoover

Board of Directors

Josh Anderson

Marlene Badger

Harry Barrick

Doug Wonders

John Cremo

Leon Ewing

Jerry Leib

Lee Leinaweaver

Bill Medlin

Lee Miller Jr

Carl Oberman

Brandon Pokrzyk

Bob Reed

AJ Wolfe

Bill Yocum

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