Covid-19 Message from our President

“Based on the current state of United States and Pennsylvania trying to slow the spread of the Novel COVID-19 virus that we are still trying to understand, the Farmers Flea Market will remain closed. We are going to try our best to open the market again on April 19th but we will monitor the situation and make another decision as that date approaches. Please check back to our website, Facebook page or call our phone and listen to the message (717-766-4001). We are supporting the Governor and President by trying to slow the spread so this virus will not affect our regular volunteers, members, vendors, supporters and everyone that enjoys what we do at Steam Engine Hill. We have suspended all activities until April 19th and again we will make further decisions as we approach that date. Our hope is to open back up and continue with scheduled events for May and the rest 2020. All Board and General Membership meetings for April are canceled. These are tough decisions and tough times for our organization, but we are strong and monitoring our accounts so that we will come back from this time period. I know that we will return to regular business as usually at some point and we will do our best to do that in the best interest of all of you as soon as possible. Please stay home, stay safe and stay well! We look forward to seeing you soon. Your President WGSHEA, Inc, Tony Thoman


During the winter of 1958-1959, the Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association (WGHSEA) was formed with the purpose of preserving steam powered equipment and to educate the public about the history of farming.  Our association uses steam engines for plowing, harvesting, and sawing and we have early gas engines and tractors as well as a PRR steam locomotive engine.



Tony Thoman

1st Vice President

Jason Thoman

2nd Vice President

Jimmy Flohr

3rd Vice President

Barney Kimmel


Marlene Badger


Ashley Dobak

Assistant Secretary

Brittany Scheib


Wendell Hoover

Board of Directors

Harry Barrick

Laurence Bernander

Jim Cremo

Floyd Ewing

Bob Fenton

Greg Knaub

Jerry Leib

Lee Leinaweaver

 Bill Medlin

Lee Miller Jr

Carl Oberman

Bob Reed

Tom Seibert

Tom Von Trott

Deb Yocum

In Memorium

Stanley Brymesser [May 4, 2020] Member 8 years

Carl Lebo [April 28, 2020] Member 58 years

Darvin Grove [February 3, 2020] Member 19 years

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