Restoration Projects

Case Hay Press

The two year restoration of the Case Hay Press has begun. From interaction with several antique agricultural organizaitons, we have been told the baler owned by WGHSEA is a 1935. We have been told by the JI Case Collectors Association (JICCA) and the JI Case Heritage Foundation that they are only aware of two others in existence. In fact, our unit is the only one they know of that makes the bale size of 17" X 22". The other two balers make smaller bales.

The four wheels have new rims being placed on the original hubs and spokes by a company in Lancaster county who specializes in the manufacturer of metal wheels for the Amish. Kampel Enterprises in Wellsville is donating machining and sheet metal fabrication. Fetrow Welding in Dover is donating the fabrication of a new axle to replace the poorly made rear axle that was on the baler to get it ready for demonstrations. 

Special Thanks

We would like to thank the following people and businesses who have donated time and materials in the following items:

Kampel Enterprises

Fetrow Welding

Sand Blasting Tom Seibert (WGHSEA Member)

Painting Cale Sultzbaugh (WGHSEA Member)

Dale Bentz Straw Boss (WGHSEA Member)

Richard Conley Assistant Straw Boss (WGHSEA Member)

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