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Sexual Harassment Policy

It is WGHSEA policy that all members have a right to be involved in and environment free of discrimination, which encompasses freedom from sexual harassment in any form while taking part in a WGHSEA sponsored activity. It is WGHSEA policy to promptly investigate all claims of sexual harassment and to maintain confidentiality to every extent possible. All WGHSEA members are responsible to assure that we prevent sexual harassment. Any member who believes that he/she has witnessed harassment or is being harassed should immediately notify the President of the executive committee

Sexual harassment in association with a WGHSEA sponsored activity will not be tolerated. Any member found guilty of violation this policy will be dismissed from membership. A member found guilty might face personal, legal and financial liability. Definition of Sexual Harassment - WGHSEA's definition of sexual harassment includes but is not limited to: offensive and unwelcome sexual advances or comments about a person's sexual orientation; sexually explicit or graphic verbal commentaries about an individual's body; sexually degrading works used to descript and individual; or the display of sexually suggestive objects or pictures.

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