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The Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association was formed in 1959 with the intent of keeping alive the methods of agriculture from the time period steam power was king. The association sits on 94 acres and is adjacent to a property that was originally home to the ”National Granger’s Picnic”. The picnic was held for manufacturers of agricultural implements to market their products to farmers from all over the United States. As many as 100,000 people would attend the annual event. Many dignitaries also attended, including two future US presidents. Local Historical Marker


Today the focus has shifted from demonstrating new equipment to providing a venue for everyone to view equipment and witness methods of not just agriculture but also transportation and older forms of manufacturing. WGHSEA is fortunate to own a steam locomotive that railroad buffs across the country come to see. It is the only operational steam locomotive that the Pennsylvania RR manufactured. Train rides are available. More information on the train may be found here.


We also have and use a vintage sawmill manufactured by The Frick Company in 19__. The sawmill is powered by an antique tractor and on some occasions a Steam Engine.


During our main show we have in excess of 400 tractors that collectors and owners bring in for display. Many of these look as good or better than they did the day they were manufactured and others may have been used on the farm the day before. Each day at 6 PM there is a tractor parade around the grounds, which is always one of the highlights of the day.

You can enjoy home cooked food from our kitchen or partake from the various food trucks that attend our shows. We routinely have various kid friendly activities such as pony rides, mini barrel train rides, and so much more. And as the day goes we have horse pulling contests, tractor pulling contests, car shows, craft fairs, and live music under the pavilion most evenings after the parade.


In closing, I will share with you a comment from a Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau Rep when she visited our property to learn about what we do and have. “Your organization is truly an undiscovered gem in our area”. There is too much to see and do to describe it all here in this overview. Browse the various categories/items on our website to see and read more about our equipment and events. We invite you to come by and visit. The association is a Non-Profit organization and all of its workers are volunteers. If what you see interests you, we hope you will consider joining us in our endeavor to preserve and teach this rich history.

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